From The Grainstore Brewery:

Erica Roe has been brewed to celebrate the arrival of this year’s Autumn Rugby Internationals.

Erica Roe is brewed using lightly kilned English malts who’s subtle malty flavours combine effortlessly with a beautifully aromatic blend of Antipodean hops giving a distinctive long crisp hoppy finish. Great to share and drunk from jugs!

We thought long and hard about the name and after a lot of tossing the idea back ‘n’ forth, Erica sprang to life.

Erica Roe (born 1957), also known as the Twickenham Streaker, is remembered for a topless run across the pitch of Twickenham Stadium during an England vs. Australia rugby union match on 2 January 1982. It has been described by the BBC as “perhaps the most famous of all streaks.” Roe, who later claimed to have been inspired by alcohol, ran onto the field during half time, exposing her 40-inch bosom. Roe and the friend who joined her streak (Sarah Bennett) were corralled by police officers on the field, one of whom covered Roe’s chest with his helmet while leading her off the field.

While Roe was not the first or the last streaker at an athletic event, in 2007 The Independent of London declared that her “memorable” streak made her a suitable icon to represent all such streakers in their article on sports interruptions. The event prompted Manchester Confidential to dub her “the most famous British streaker.”